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Patio life

Okay okay okay! Its 20 degrees. This post promises to be short because its 20 DEGREES outside! I need a slight break from the heat. And because we don't have sunscreen at our house yet. I was not prepared for this weather! NOT complaining! On Friday night we opened up our old garage that we store seasonal stuff and lugged out the patio furniture! YIPPEE! We have a big concrete porch around our house that has been storing lots of snow and shovels all winter so the chance to dress it up was very intriguing!

shantybabes farmhouse

My favourite part is these adorable barn board benches!! Jake's family had them made for me for my birthday last year!!!!!!! I cried when I got them. Not hard to imagine. They are soooo pretty and open up which makes them great to store our cushions in the winter! They stayed on our porch this winter too because those boards have been all season long before they came to me. :) Our throw pillows are from target (rip target Canada!) and Urban Barn. Swwwwwwoooooon. And I bet you won't guess where my indoor/outdoor rug came from. Walmart! I know. It surprised me too! We have 3, two on the front and side porch and one on the back tying it all together. Silly little me trying to be thorough while putting away our furniture last year, washed one of the carpets in our machine. Its more of grey and white stripe now. Woopsy! It's on the back deck now getting the full sun it deserves after the harsh treatment I gave it. Looking forward to getting some more green scenery in the future! Bring on #plant16 . My farmer could use a nice lounger to watch the beans grow out back. Love having a new space to make functional and enjoy! Happy Sunday Funday friends! xox

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