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Silver in spring!

Shantybabes Farmhouse

In spring I always feel like I'm scraping together last years looks to deal with the change of temperature. As soon as it gets warm, like above 10 degrees, I hate wearing pants! Skirts, capris, dresses I'm coming for you. Today I got to wear my $11.00 bargain bin pants from the GAP! Seriously people, the GAP has legit deals. I think the ladies that work at the GAP I go to must giggle when they see me because I actually try not to look at regular price items and I beeline it for the sale section. I have literally paid $2.99 for things from there before. It's crazy!

There aren't many occasions you can actually wear grey/white ombre cordiroy pants (what a tall order I know). I guess that explains the $11.00 lol. And not much goes with two tone grey and white pants. But today I chose to wear this sparkly little top from H&M. I actually wore this top on New Years Eve once. It is in your face sparkly. I think my students could see me coming a mile away today. It is super comfy and dressed up my outfit! Rookie liked it tooooooo. Ruff! xox

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