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Christie's Antique Show!

Oh me oh my. One of my top 10 favourite days of the year is Christie's Antique show! It is just too fun. That's where I have found so many loved pieces in our home including the old cabinet I was telling you guys about! And it's technically two days of the year. Usually the last weekend in May, and the weekend after Labour Day weekend in September. The first time I went to Christie's (that I remember) I think I was in grade 10. I had no idea what I was in store for. And I went with our family besties, "the Murphy's". Remember that name as you will quickly learn they are Carl family favourites! They took me along for a Saturday of antiquing and taught me how to haul like nobody knows. This year I learned that the first time I actually went was when my mom was pregnant with me. I guess I was meant to go back year after year!

In order to make the most of this one day vintage scavenge you have to come prepared. I learned this at the crack of dawn that hot spring day with the Murphy's first and it has served us well ever since.

It's an important tip for a day like Christies. Bring a notepad. It's a little different for each person. In mine, the first page is the inspirations like above with what you are looking for each year (so you don't get crazy and have sensory overload and forget what you came for-- pretty much impossible). I like to use the same little martha stewart book every time because it fits in my pocket and then I can read back on what I have picked up over the years. On the pages that follow you write down any finds that you love and need to think about as well as their location so you can loop back and try to make a deal.

This list was from this year. Some of the items I got, and some I didn't go for. I saw some super cute stools early on in the day for $95.00. Since I didn't "need" stools and they weren't on my list I waited on them. Luckily, I later found 2 also very cute stools for $65.00 each. I felt this was doable since I don't need extra seating right now but couldn't say no to these old factory stools! And I found a third metal tool for $30, I really didn't need 3 stools. But I got caught up in the moment and never looked back!

The W7 cow hide was lovely! Great condition, but not the colours I was looking for. It was mostly white with a little black. I saw one the year previous. Maybe next year!

It is always fun to take in this tradition with our family. My family always has an eye out for some of the things on my list and it's super fun to imagine where all these great things are going to end up! Everyone has a style they lean towards and keep an eye out for too. My mom always goes for red! She has picked up some beautiful wooden boxes and schoolhouse antiques. Almost everything she got this year was red! Too cute! Kaari, Jake's mom usually goes for classic pretty glass items, whites and collections such as her canisters, pitchers and some Estonian dishware or even art. Riina Jake's aunt also has a similar style to Kaari, and she is often looking for neat pieces for her new kitchen or that can work in either her city home or cottage. Any of us can fall in love with something out of the ordinary and that is the best part!

I got a ton of things! Some on my list, some that just caught my eye! On the left above is an old shaving mirror. It still has the brush and little jar to go with it. And its double sided! It already has a home in our main floor washroom. For a little while now I have been looking for some pretty old bargeboard to make a small top for my laptop in our kitchen area. Usually they are very expensive, around $120+ for one. These are very simple, and quite small but were only $5.00 each! I also got a cute little double sided open/closed sign for $20.00. I am hoping to hang it in our side entrance hallway.

A few other little finds included an ice bucket, a white vintage throw, a 6 foot long beam with old railroad hooks for Jake's new shop (not pictured) and my personal favourite the Judy Dress Form. She's from Montreal you know! I couldn't say no to the adorable red piping and the thought of her on my dresser with some pearls. I know I have to keep her wayyyyyy up from Rookie. I know he'd love her too! In a million pieces that is...

It truly was a great day scavenging for one of a kind pieces! It was lovely to have my mom's friend Mary join us too as she was looking for some new pieces and was inspired by her daughter's upcoming wedding! Nothing like a good day of appreciating vintage, chipped and used!

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