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Montreal Condo Mini Makeover!

For 6 months of the year, Jake lives in Montreal where he plays football. With this comes the excitement of a new place to live, part time. We always find ourselves telling our friends and family how we really enjoy both places because they could not be more different from one another. They are such a contrast with one being a downtown condo in the city and the other a farm in the country.

This year we live in a new condo building that comes furnished. We always look for a place that is furnished because we are only in Montreal for 6 months and it does make our lives a whole lot easier! We really like the building we are in. But if you have ever lived in a furnished apartment, or had a roommate, maybe you can relate to wanting to make things your own. Just a couple little changes. You may also know that you can't really change anything too permanent (holes in the wall, paint, lights ...).

Here are a few pictures of our place before we made some minor adjustments.

Here is our place with some small changes that made us feel right at home! :)

This is the view from pretty much right when you step foot into our apartment. There is a sliding closet to the right and the bathroom. The window faces the hospital and when you step on the balcony you can see Old Port!

We didn't really have a need for the seat cushions and loved the wicker underneath! The butcher block on the table was something I found up in the Mile End of Montreal near St. Viateur Bagel. It has a really pretty design engraved on top of it.

Switching out the landlord's canvas for a couple of local prints made for some very tiny improvements (lol). They are too small for the wall but I would rather have them! I always have to have a ton of blankets around. I brought 5... Its been above 30 degrees pretty much the whole time we've been here. Woopsy! haha

Although this kitchen is smaller than what we are used to we are LOVING it! First of all. A small dishwasher is genius. There is just the two of us and at home I always feel I have to completely fill it or it is a waste. There are also a couple little colourful countertop items to bring in some colour and make this place useful!

The bedroom has a few more white pillows (probably the best thing invented). And is no longer housing the italian canvas painting. It just wasn't our thing!

This picture makes me laugh because it has a gold football and a design magazine.

These little postcards were oh so cute! I found them in Westmount and had 3 frames I brought from home just waiting to be put together! It'll be neat to bring them back home and enjoy them in the country.

Five Roses is a very famous landmark in Montreal that you can actually see from our apartment balcony! It is in Old Montreal.

This postcard is of Olympic Stadium. Jake practices here through the week! I also love looking at it because it's Olympic time!! The Olympic Stadium or "The Big O" was built for the 1976 Olympics. It is huge and getting old now but it is really neat!!

This little office area needed some "stuff". And man, do I love "stuff" as Jake tells me. This cute baby teal chalkboard was intended to put above our couch but is too narrow for the two nails and helps to frame in this desk.

I just LOVE the Letterfolk sign my sister gifted me for my 25th birthday. I couldn't get very far without my #simplifiedplanner and to do list. And that old McGill University yearbook is a sweet little reminder of my love for all things old. I bought it from the Aberfoyle Antique Market when Jake went to University of Guelph loooong before we ever knew we would end up living here part time! I think that is pretty cool!!

The bathroom was pretty empty! With some magazines, towels and a pretty antler ring holder it now feels like home.

Not putting too much "stuff" in a one bedroom condo can be tricky! Our places is bright and white but could easily become even smaller with too many little trinkets and too much furniture around. I am thankful to have such a sweet spot to live and decorate. I have enjoyed the challenge of making a space with some design challenges such as no permanent changes, into a place of our own!

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