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My Mum's Apple Crisp

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Who's hungry?

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday for many reasons in our home. Fall is the best season!! In our house it means the fall Harvest, back to school, and football! Jake's parents are getting busy with the Harvest, Jake has been playing football for 4 months now, and My Dad's team is well into their season by beginning of October too! Thanksgiving is a great time to get together during the busiest time of everyones lives and just be together and sneak in the extra I love you. And the extra dessert :) We now spend our Thanksgivings in Montreal but our traditions remain at home. We are thankful for our loving families that continue to support us and give us an infinity to be thankful for. We are so lucky! Another reason we love Thanksgiving is it's my Daddy's birthday weekend! Happy birthday Daddy! xoxo

Last week on Jake's day off we headed to Quinn Farm's with our friends. Quinn's has all the pick your own and farm fun you can think of. I was in the business of picking apples, and Jake was in the business of cracking jokes.

However, Jake did end up carrying the apples so who's laughing now :)

We picked an 18 lb bag so we had enough to eat, make an apple pie, and my Mum's Apple Crisp. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten why we're here! They had the biggest ladders I have ever seen in the apple orchards. I climbed to the very top and even when I couldn't reach anymore apples I did not come down. It was very mature of me.

We got back on the wagon and rode to the pumpkin patch. They had a great variety! So many pretty oranges and reds and greens it was stunning. Although, I am always a sucker for the ghost pumpkins and ended up with a couple of those cuties! As you can see, I really liked them!

We also spent some time with the animals. It was great to go on a weekday because it was nice and quiet at the farm. We got to get up close and personal with these cuties. One of those girls licked my head and Jake's arm seconds before this photo, and then he reflexed and accidentally smacked my face. Somehow this photo appears to be all smiles. I had a headache but it was hilarious!

Now onto the reason you came! Mum's Apple Crisp. This is one of Jake's favourites! His sister and Mom also have made it and added their own sweet touches it is always such a treat! Nice and easy, and promises to be deliciousssss! So you can have more than one serving. Because... it's apples. Its healthy, people! Ha ha. 6 Ingredients that you already have. Don't thank me, thank my mum!

Oh, and thank Letterfolk. For always continuing the conversation with cute signs in our home!

Happy thanksgiving to all of you turkeys! Go on now! Go tell your people you love them! xoxox

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