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Somewhere to sit at High Tea

If you follow me on instagram (@shantybabesfarmhouse) you may know that on Monday, I shared high tea with some of my gal pals. And, you may also notice that I am sporting some new dining chairs!!! And that my old, second hand broken garage sale chairs can now enjoy their home in Jake's barn. Win, win! I'm feeling guilty..... I skipped right over the Christmas season here on my blog. I'm sorry!!! I assure you, I am a Christmas fangirl through and through!!! I have a t-shirt that says "this girl loves christmas" with thumbs pointing at myself. My home has been decorated in christmas galore since the last day of November and it still is. We ate enough turkey, chocolates, potatoes and cheesecake to prove it. I promise!!

A loooooooot has happened since my last post at thanksgiving! We have had lots of excitement professionally with building our barn, and completing a course addition to my teaching qualifications. And some personal family time saying goodbye to Jake's sweet Gigi. Gigi was 91 years old when she passed and was one of the brightest lights I have ever known. She was happy, kind and so proud of her family. I am so glad that Jake and I got to tell her we are getting married. She is a big part of the person Jake is, and the family that I love!

And goodness knows Gigi would have liked to be around this table for high tea! Some of my Nana's china was used to serve the tea. The white and blue teapots were hers, from Denmark! We had a delicious assortment of scones, donuts, muffins, macaroons and sandwiches. It was fun to play tea party with my mum, Jake's mom Kaari, and my bridesmaids!

Target kept the tea party in check with adorable pink floured paper plates. Each of the tea cups and saucers were ones I have collected over the years. Pretty and dainty and from a time where tea pots and scones weren't so few and far between! This tiered heart shaped tray was an engagement gift from Aunty Linda. Super cute! It was lovely to sit around the table and thank my gals for being my bridesmaids, and to talk over some excitement in the upcoming year. As I've said before in my bio, I love being fancy with my gals!

The dining chairs, from ikea, sold themselves. On Instagram I saw they were having a "dining event". And the chairs were $10 off. We really need 10 chairs to have our two families around the table. It was a great purchase! They are white (heart eyes), cute with the cross back and very sturdy! They also go nicely around our kitchen table. Easy to put together, they came in only 3 pieces! Happy January to you and yours from me and my toushie at high tea!

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