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At home in January

You've heard it once, you've heard it one million times. "January, a fresh start!" I'm not above it! I love the chance to start fresh. I love to share and write and be creative. One of my sweet girls has inspired me with her goal to blog every week, for 52 weeks. She's calling it #BLOG452 . Follow along to see how encouraging and innovative her Passionate Voice is!

I'm starting 2017 off on the blog with a sneak peak at some new views around our home in the Month of January. 2016 is going down in history as one of my all time favourite years. Professionally and personally, 2016 was very very special to me. I'm heading into 2017 with what feels like a big group hug from my family and friends. I'm excited and grateful for every day!

XOXO... this little number was in my stocking on Christmas morning. A beautiful marquee sign that is just too pretty! I am dreaming up someway of displaying it at our wedding. Perhaps a cute photo prop! Until then, a fluorescent xo will be a cheery display in our home.

My family and friends have caught on to the fact that I LOOOOOOVE buffalo check. For christmas I received lots of little sweet checked items!! Would you believe me if i told you I own a nightie, coat, shirt, vest, dress and umbrella in this pattern!? I can't get enough! I always keep my eyes peeled and was delighted to add to my collection.

This Eaton Tru Line wagon is doing an excellent job at filling the whole that my little tree left in my heart when it lost all of it needles!!! I want to sit in it and be pulled around like an 8 year old. It's so pretty! One of the best things about this wagon is that a long time ago a sweet little girl name "Beth" carved her name into the back left tire. How adorable!! I'm sure Beth loved it just as much as I do.

This barn! I still can't believe it's at my house. Every day when I walk outside the door I see it. And I want to kiss it! We went back and forth a lot about the colour and material I am really truly happy with how it all turned out. Classic black and white never hurt anybody! We're going for that what looks good in 100 years from now kind of thing! Haha. In the spring we're planning on capping the bottom of the cedar posts with red brick to match our front porch. The two wreaths were a steal from the bay. I have one on our front door too. They're Gluckstein Home and were 70% off! With lights and little red apples. I adore them!

Our kitchen is a big hangout spot. #mackenziekathleenmantle is a little stoop above our stove top that I love to use for displayyyyyys. Mini marshmallows for the one million hot chocolates with whip cream we've had. Sometimes morning, noon and night. Baileys encouraged. And cookbooks that I have flagged items for January. I love the beginning of the year!! Except the freezing cold part.

MR & MRS balloons from our engagement party. What a hoot! Jake is hilarious. He is still is like "Oh, Mr. and Mrs..... huh, funny"... yeah honey. Thats what's happening here. Mr and Mrs. He makes a good point though. For many people they may rarely be called Mr & Mrs __________ . But as a teacher, it's one million aiofhighioeafhj times a day! Miss, miss, miss..... and I gotta say, I love it! Tomorrow is back to school for me after a long, restful holiday with my lovelies! I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas holidays, time with loved ones, and the taking an extra plate at dinner! You deserve it! Good luck with your resolutions, Happy new year friends!! xoxox

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