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Popping bottles!

Hello lovelies! Happy Summer Vacation! Yippeeeee! Today marks the second day of Summer holidays for me and my teacher friends! This summer is shaping up to lovely already! This is our first summer back home on the farm since our university days! And we're excited!! Last week for my birthday, the girls and I celebrated locally with some OK Friday Market fun and some little bridesmaids treats!

Close after our engagement, I asked my girls to stand beside me on our special day with a handmade photo card. I used vintage wedding photos of the 4 leading ladies in Jake and I's families. Grandma, Nana, Na na & Gigi. I knew I wanted to include them because they are all SO special to us and are integral to the girl tribe that I have with me through life! Thank you to my girlfriend Blair for helping me with creating a beautiful sentimental keepsake! One of the photos was my Grandma and her sisters at a pub in England drinking whisky. Her handwriting on the back said "ladies night out" Can you even believe it!? I also chose to include part of my Grandma's handwriting in a letter she wrote to her best friend from England when she moved to Canada with my Granddad. She wrote about here "in Canada, girls are jiving thinking nothing of dancing in their stocking feet." Things haven't changed Grandma!

Fast forward from and unforgettably fun engagement party in January, to June, laughing and toasting with my girls!

FIRST THINGS FIRST. I have to tell you a funny story about these white gift bags. How could there be a story? Isn't there always one with me? I wanted a plain white simple bag to house the items. Easy. Dollar store. I headed to the Dollar Tree in town and picked up my white gift bags. That's all I needed. Got into line. Then, a loud, distracted 30 something man ran passed me because he forgot something he wanted to buy. I was caught off guard as he sprinted by me. And over $1000 dollars dropped out of his sweatpants pocket. It had to be more than 10 $100 dollar bills. It was probably 2 feet from me. I was so caught off guard by the mid store sprint and yell, I quickly turned grabbed the money and yelled after him "Excuse me sir, SIR!!!"..... with two handfuls of cash I jogged (why am I SO awkward) after him.

When he turned around, I handed him the money and said "Lot's more where that came from" and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me into the aisle closest to us and offered to buy me anything I wanted. Can I pause the story to ask why we had to be standing in Dollar Tree for this event?!?! (kidding).

I was probably as red as the Canada flag and said "No, no, honestly thank you but no". He said some other things about how lucky my family and boyfriend is to have me... (your welcome family that I don't steal money from you!?!) And he returned to his line. No that is not the end of the story. Ughhh! He AGAIN forgot an item, ran past and $200 ish dollars fell out again! At this point it was just embarrassing. I again, called to the "sir" and handed his money back. He demanded to buy my white gift bags. So I agreed. His sister who was with him the whole time said "Really, you should be with someone like my brother, shouldn't you?". Really?! He drops money all over the place and runs around the Dollar Tree. Hahahahaha. Weird things happen to me people! These white 50 cent bags just had to have their own story. Gosh darn!

Anywayyyyyyyys. I am ALWAYS on the lookout on instagram. I loooooooove reading and researching pretty products and quality items. A LONGTIME friend of mine had some sweeter than sweet custom labels for her bridesmaids! I love being able to personalize and get creative so I knew this idea would suit what I was looking for. Jess so thoughtfully shared her findings and made the leg work easy! Throw in some champagne and what's not to love! I quickly headed to ETSY and was able to completely choose fonts, text and format for these keepsakes!

I needed something tasty to include as well. My absolute FAVOURITE place to eat in Montreal is Mandy's Gourmet Salad's. They are onto something ABSOLUTELY DOWN RIGHT INCREDIBLE! I know how silly it sounds to be in love with salad. And usually I am not. But this place has thee tastiest salads I couldn't even go to MTL for 24 hours and not hit up one of their many locations! I have a Mandy's hat even! Like common! These dark chocolate bars (luuuuuuv dark chocolate) had the cutest "M" on them! M for Mackenzie hehehehe. And I also thought the logo looked like a pencil and I love pencils. I am a teacher and I know I am weird. But they're tasty and cute! So oh well! Some stir sticks and baby blue earrings and that's all it took! Well it took nothing. My girls are so amazing they never take anything! Friday was lovely. Live music, local, love and laughing with my ladies! Cheers to summer and cheers to more content on the blog! Stay tuned baby dolls! xoxoxo

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