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Be Our Guest!

Hello sweethearts! This week I wanted to share an update on one of our guest rooms. Our home is a 3.5 bedroom house! I say .5 because we have a open concept loft that usually does sleep some of our pals on a fun get together weekend! This bedroom I'm sharing is the second largest in the house and doubles as my office space. It has a collection of furniture from our rooms growing up and some special keepsakes! This post also comes to you from a girl who hosted her first ever garage sale that was a ton of fun and success yesterday!

This room has a lot of up-cycled furniture! It has been a lot of fun to rearrange it over the past couple years to a functional and inviting space. At one point this room even had a dining table and 4 chairs in it. Hard to imagine but it worked! That sweet captain's chair was $10 about 5 years ago at a garage sale. I brought it home to my parents house quickly to be pointed to the garage by my dad (he had been housing my antiques for 10+ years). To the right of it is where my desk and computer is but its currently a disaster zone with wedding planning! My blue trunk was $5 at a garage sale in Shanty bay probably also around 5 years ago!

I am a huge gallery wall fan! I love making them, I love collecting for them and I love how dramatic they can be! They tell a story. I think I like them because I have a hard time choosing just one photo, or ornate piece so a gallery wall can allow for more than one focal point. On the left there is a pretty chalk sign that our besties Cam & Hannah gave us for our birthday last year. It travelled to our Montreal condo with us and I kept the decor neutral and masculine there and I couldn't bring myself to erase it! The polka dot card is a letter I wrote to Jake after his 5 years at Guelph playing varsity football. We wrote a card to each one of his best pals/ roomates and gave them a picture board with memories from the best 5 years ever! We have to most wonderful memories from those years! And the best friends to show for it! It is hard to read the note inside the wooden frame because its almost 15 years old. It says "we should hug more" from Jake in 7th grade. My heart!!!

This last piece is a painting by moi! I was gifted an easel from my parents as part of my graduation gift. When I find the time to paint I really enjoy it! My papa is an artist and it's something we have enjoyed together. And that little snuggle bug is our dog Rookie! He enjoys laying on this bed because it's full sun all afternoon! Despite his glaring eye in this photo.

These pillows are IKEA! I have had them all over our house but I really love the classic black and white. Also, the polka dot sheets are from Homesense! A little tip... I have had SO much luck at Homesense/ Winners lately in the kids section!! It's crazy. They have adorable patterns and pillows and all the bedding still fits a normal mattress size! They have ice cream cone pillows, and hearts and your welcome! Cuteness overload! I hope this post finds you snuggling in a cozy spot in your home! Enjoy your Sunday lovelies! Kisses to you from the cottage! xoxox

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