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Home Organization or Decor Projects While WFH Part 1

Hey, hi, hello!! Okay so this week on my Instagram I put a question box out to see what people would like to read about and one of the topics was "Home Organization or Decor Projects While WFH". And I am here to share my tips and tricks with you!

First things first. When the Covid-19 began, I saw the acronym WFH all over the internet. And chatting with my girlfriends on whatsapp. I will not lie to you. I did not know what WFH meant. Cue "WTF" clip from Modern Family... but now that I do know, I am pleased to assist!!!

Also, disclaimer, if you do not know me personally you may not know I am on maternity leave and although I am not currently working a desk job full time I am working my mom "job" and it is my very favourite thing I ever did do!!!

My first tip: setup a "work space". Along with the rest of the world, you are now limited to the confines of your home. Let's take this seriously and create a space to do work! It may not be it's own room but that is just fine. Don't shy away yet, you can use your dining room, your living room, even the end of a hallway. Make sure the things you need to do your work make sense in this space. If you are a maker you may need a bright space to take pictures of your product, or a plug for your laptop. The more functional your work space the more work you will get done!

This time of year we are doing some book work for our business and we need to be able to work when the mood strikes! I like to have our desktop computer in our kitchen for when we are cooking / listening to music. A slightly larger table will be more functional when I am not just perusing for a quick measurement. Would you believe me if I told you we won this computer? Well technically we won a gift card to Apple which we used to purchase this computer. It was a prize at a Halloween costume party we attended for Jake's football team when he was playing in the CFL. And this was the third place prize. A story for another blog post...

We are using a console table that is being lended to us from Jake's Mom and Sister. This "space" is in our kitchen with an extra kitchen table chair. Pro-tip: if you like the space you work in, you may get more work done! No promises, but why not try it! For me there is one hundred percent more of a chance I will work if there is a bundle of tulips inside my baby girl's hunter boots! Lord help me!!!! Thank you aunt mimmzy for the cuter than cute christmas gift. Baby boots. I swear!

Decor Projects you can do in this time?!

- A simple chalk lettering or letter board could be all the desk art you need to turn on your work brain each morning. My sister was wanting to primp up her guestroom so I lent her a chalkboard for her space and did a very quick chalkboard sign. #porchpickup . I have been caught saying "I write on chalkboards for a living". Not true. Well kind of true - I am a teacher. But I have no training in chalk lettering. My tip would be checking out pinterest for inspiration. Start with something simple. Also you can easily wipe down and restart a million times so no stress allowed!! Not a chalkboard person? Letterboards will do the trick. You can find great fonts on amazon. And no, my sister is not having guests during this time, but when this is all over with she is one heck of a host!! I think she should do the next guest blog post.. maybe she'll show us where this sign went to rest?! Follow my pinterest board to see some of my favourite quotes and signs.

One for the words but not into doing it yourself? Here are some ladies that doooo do (Chandler's job interview anyone?!) this professionally. I have bought artwork from these ladies, they have great little shops and they all do custom work!!! This is also a great time to support local businesses. Check out their social pages and add to cart! XOX

Sarah from Sweet Simplicity Paper Co.

Sue from Wordshop Canada

Jesi from Cabin Calligraphy

Courtney from The Cozy Cabin

All photos below are words and signs by me captured by my wonderful sistergirl friends from California, Alie & Christina

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