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What to wear in wine country!

This past weekend I found myself galavanting around Prince Edward County with my chicks! What a time we had! 12 gals at a private cottage for the weekend was a no brainer. How could anyone pass that up!

On Saturday we had an action packed day! Brunch at the Drake Devonshire Hotel (it was to-die-for!!!!), and then we took a private limo bus to 5 of the top wineries in the area. Needless to say an outfit suited for eating, lounging, dancing and sipping was crucial! I paired these too cute for words lace up flats that have been trending across instagram with leather leggings, a white lacey bell sleeve top and my favourite fringe purse! If you only saw what my girls were wearing... talk about ladies with style! Booties, boyfriend jeans, leather coats, think stylish they had it locked down!

The Drake was our first stop. The Vegetarian Mushroom Benny was from heaven. Mimosas started us off in the right direction and the service paired with the beautiful view of Lake Ontario brought it home! They even had adorable little Drake bikes! I will definitely be back this summer. Hopefully a new pitstop on my way to Montreal!

Each winery we visited had a different spin on their process, farming techniques and of course tips on how to enjoy! There was a variety of games and views of each location. I loved the cute vintage games and the decor was top notch! Can you believe the fireplace at Grange Winery?! Simply stunning.

At Karlos Estates Winery we were given treats and snacks to pair with each tasting. Those plain ruffled chips were scrumptious! And the dark chocolate chips! Mmmm! I know what will be on my bar for my next chance to host.

Of course, the best part of all was knowing there will be many more getaways with my girls and plenty of wine to enjoy together until the next one! xoxox

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