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Being a teacher makes chalkboards part of my daily routine. I have so much fun coming up with designs and pretty little quotes and things to display. I have a chalkboard obsession. Currently at 5 in my own home. They're just so cute and versatile. I guess this is how I got 5, by telling myself how adorable they are.

Shantybabes Farmhouse

This red one is a true beauty! Stands all by herself and can be all different heights. She usually greets people at our front door with a cheerful message or sketch. She was gifted to me by Jake's parents for my birthday two years ago. While we were moving our stuff to our home it was one of the first pieces of decor that welcomed everyone!

Jake and I found this two sided spinning chalk board while having lunch in Orillia one day. We thought it would be the perfect housewarming gift to our besties who moved in after Christmas! It was fun to write on and worked as a card in a basket we put together.

As seasons change it always fun to change the messages or drawings. I love special occasions and all the little details for hosting which always includes chalkboards at our house. As we get ready for #plant16 I am getting organized to host our annual planting dinner to send the guys off on a good season. Thinking about some new chalkboard signs to add the finishing touch.

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