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Air vent makeover!

Hi guys! As the weather starts getting warmer and warmer I've been thinking about air conditioning. Although, I am more of an open-window, breezy-house kind of person there are some nights when having all the windows open just does not do the trick. The air vents in our house are original. They were painted at one time. And then painted again, and again and were quite chippy and peely. They needed to be scraped down and repainted. We are really happy with how they turned out!

We did this project well before we moved in! We used clear plastic tarp laid down in the shed to paint. You can easily get cheap tarps from the dollar store to paint on. I recommend spray painting in an open garage or shed so that you can see where you are painting and the wind isn't a factor! Because the originals had been screwed down and painted on in more than one colour we wanted to take them off, and paint to unify the vents throughout the house.

You can also check out all these cool ideas on how to repurpose vintage air vents on my pinterest board! So many vents have pretty designs and cutesy chipped paint that will be such a nice feature in your home. They can be used as hot plates, decor, storage and more! Bring on that summer heat :)))

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