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The power of pretty stationary

Are you one of those people that has about 23 gorgeous notebooks from indigo, home sense, target written in and then you got distracted by a pretty new notebook? I am. I LOVE journals. And planners. And writing! They bring me happiness. I love writing down how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, and telling people (and antiques) that I love them. Funny I ended up blogging isn't it?

There is one thing better than journals. And it's cards. I LOVE CARDS. I LOOOOOOOVE getting cards. And mail. Not the money owing kind of mail though. I love reading cards, saving them, displaying them, reading them again later. Reflecting and enjoying sweet memories is one of my all-time favourite things to do! Getting a card and writing to someone is just the best! It is a little piece of folded love that screams joy! Don't feel the same? Tell me your mailing address. I'll change your mind.

Just before we left to Montreal for the summer I received a very sweet card from my dear friend and blogger Christina Crowley-Arklie. She sent me the sweetest message in a birthday card and put a smile on my face and in my heart!!! She gifted me a very spunky card box from Hey Girl Hey with the COOLEST designs for every occasion. So thoughtful!! I love when someone surprises you and when you have a friend that just understaaaaaands you! Go and check out her blog The Passionate Voice. She sure knows how to write from the heart and wears many hats that inspire the people who are lucky enough to know her and read about her adventures!

Go and buy some pretty cards today and make someones day! Getting a hand written note from someone is like giving a really good hug. It makes people feel good! Thank you Stina!!! And remember to always tell people how you really feel. Nothing better than thanking someone and telling them how truly great they are. Share the love and reflect on how sweet life is!! Go hug someone! Say what you're thinking and make someone feel special! There is no better feeling.

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